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セルゲイ・メルニチェンコ|Sergey Melnitchenko


2009年に写真を撮り始める。2018年MYPH School of Conceptual and Art Photographyを設立。ウクライナ・フォト・オルタナティブ(UPHA)のメンバー。世界各地で展示を開催しており、2017 年にはライカ本社にてオスカーバルナック賞の新人賞を受賞したほか、ウクライナの首都キエフにて2012年、2013年、2016年とPhotographer of the Year賞を受賞している。また、Krakow Photomonth(2013)、Pinchuk Art Center Prize(2015)、Foam Paul Huf Award(2020)にノミネートされたほか、Paris Photo、Volta Art Fair, Photo L.A.、Photo Basel等複数の写真展に参加。

Sergey Melnitchenko was born in 1991 in Mykolayiv, Ukraine. Started photography in 2009. In 2018 – founder of school of conceptual and art photography MYPH. Member of UPHA – Ukrainian Photo Alternative. In recent years, he has participated in more than 100 solo and group exhibitions around the world. Winner of Ukrainian and international contests including “Leica Oskar Barnack Award Newcomer” in 2017 (Berlin), “Photographer of the Year” in 2012, 2013 and 2016 (Kyiv, Ukraine), “Golden Camera” in 2012 (Kyiv, Ukraine). Shortlisted for Krakow Photomonth in 2013 and Pinchuk Art Center Prize in 2015, among others. Participant of “Paris Photo”, “Volta Art Fair”, “Photo L.A.”, Photo Basel, etc. Nominated on “Foam Paul Huf Award” in 2020. Sergey’s works are in private and public collections in USA, Hong Kong, Ukraine, Russia, Poland, France, Germany, Belgium, Lithuania and Czech Republic.

​直近の主な個展/Recent Solo Show 

2021 • “Fundamental Space Explorations of Naked Singularity” – Vasli Souza Gallery, Oslo, Norway
2020 • “Young and free”, Leica 6×7 Gallery, curator Adam Mazur – Warsaw, Poland
2019 • “From Dusk Till Dawn”, f22 foto space – Hong Kong
2019 • “Schwarzenegger is my idol”, Museum of Kharkiv School of Photography – Kharkiv, Ukraine
2019 • Leica Gallery London – London, UK
2018 • “Behind the scenes”, European Month of Photography, Galéria Michalský dvor – Bratislava, Slovakia
2018 • “Only Now Only Never”, FACE Foundation – Kyiv, Ukraine
2018 • “Loneliness online”, SomoS Art Gallery – Berlin, Germany
2018 • Sztuka w dialogu, “Loneliness online and Polaroids from China”, Piekno Panie Gallery – Lublin, Poland
2018 • “Behind The Scenes”, Claude Samuel Gallery – Paris, France
2017 • “PLAYDAY”, Face Foundation/Mironova Gallery – Kyiv, Ukrain


所蔵/Public Collections

f22 foto space / f11 Foto Museum collection – Hong Kong
Artelli Gallery / Schonfeld Gallery Collection – Antwerp/Brussels, Belgium
Little Odessa Gallery collection – Paris, France
Grynyov Art Foundation Collection – Kyiv, Ukraine
Museum of Kharkiv School of Photography Collection – Kharkiv, Ukraine
Mironova Gallery Collection – Kyiv, Ukraine


所蔵/Private Collections

Dava Foundation (Darius Vaichekauskas private collection) – Klaipeda, Lithuania
Private collection of Borden Burns – Birmingham, AL, USA
Bourgain Morales Private Collection – Paris, France
Carothers Family Private Collection – Seattle, Washington, USA
Dirk Vanduffel private collection – Antwerp, Belgium
Tomita Family Private Collection – New York, USA

Instagram: sergey_melnitchenko


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